Socialize your brand

Create beautiful, engaging social embeds with Fliptu’s suite of social aggregation tools.

Social Page

Sync & import your official social media accounts into one promotable page!

Hashtag Campaign

Import media from multiple social services based on any hashtag you define!


Import media shared within a certain radius of any venue or event!

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We get it.

Telling an engaging brand story across multiple social services is a shot
in the dark.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

meet fliptu

The most comprehensive
suite of social aggregation
tools for brands.

just magic

Single suite of tools to power any type of social aggregation campaign.


Import, moderate & curate on-target brand social media & conversation via a simple wizard & dashboard.

Increase time-on-site & conversion opportunities

with our customizable social embeds.

Delivering value & results

Increased engagement

Brands with Fliptu social embeds have reported 10 to 15 minute average visit durations & 20 to 60% increases in time-on-site.

On-target brand story

Reign in your brand media across multiple social services, moderate what goes live, and curate & tailor your brand message.

Fast & easy integration

Build campaigns using a simple, one-screen wizard and have them live & embedded anywhere within minutes.

Smarter data & analytics

Fliptu’s social aggregation visualizations help identify your brand’s top advocates and most engaging & popular media.